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Chief Products

Agriculture- cabbage, Chinese cabbage, hogs, mandarin oranges, milk, potatoes, poultry and eggs, rice, strawberries, tea, and white radishes.      

Fishing- clams, eels, mackerel, oysters, pollock, salmon, sardines, scallops, squid, and tuna.

Manufacturing- automobiles, cement, chemicals, computers, iron and steel, optical equipment, paper and newsprint, processed foods, television sets, textiles, tires, video games, and watches.

Mining- coal, copper, lead, limestone, silver, manganese, tin, and zinc.


Basic unit- yen (100 sen equal 1 yen)

Foreign Trade

Major exported goods- chemicals, electronic equipment, iron and steel, motor vehicles, office machinery, and scientific and optical equipment.

Major imported goods- chemicals, electrical equipment, fish and shellfish, machinery, metal ores, and petroleum.

Main trading posts- United States, China, Germany, South Korea, and Taiwan.