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     Japan is a land of natural beauty.

   Japan is the leading country of Asia, and is located in the Pacific Ocean. The majority of Japan is covered in mountains and hills. The islands consist of ragged Mountain ranges that rise from the Pacific Ocean. Thundering mountain waterfalls and Jagged peaks are some of the most spectacular scenery in Japan. Thick forest cover the mountain sides adding even more beauty to the islands. Japan lies on an extremely unstable part of the world's crust. Since this is so, Japan is continually shifting and because of this it causes earth quakes and volcanoes. Japan has at least 1,500 earthquakes a year, and most of them are only minor. Japan has a very large mountain range, but Mt. Fuji is the largest mountain of them all. Japan has swift but short rivers that cross it's rugged surface. Only a few of these rivers are deep, because most of them are too shallow and steep to be navigated. These waters are used to irrigate farm land and supply power for hydroelectricity plants. Japan has many lakes that lie in extinct volcanoes and others rest at the bottom of the mountains. Numerous hot springs erupt from the ground throughout Japan.

     Honshu- This Japan island consist of 80% of Japan's people. On this islands there are three mountain ranges in Northern Honshu that run parallel. Most of these people live in small mountain valleys. Honshu has the largest mountains out of all the islands. Below these mountains in the southeast runs a chain of volcanoes and among these volcanoes is the largest volcanoes in Japan. This volcano is Mt. Fuji witch rises 12,388 ft in the air. Japan's largest lowland plains stretches from the Japanese Alps all the way to the Pacific Ocean. These plains are called the Kanto Plains, which is an important supplier in agriculture and industry. Tokyo is spread across over most of the southern part of these plains. Two other important suppliers are the Nobi and Osaka plains.

   Hokkaido- This Japanese island is the farthest north of the Japanese island chain. Covering 30,144 sq. mi. it is the second largest island in Japan. This island also borders Russia to the north by the Kuril Islands.