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          Tokyo's Average monthly Weather

   MONTHS        HIGH            LOW       RAIN AND SNOW

JANUARY 46  30 8                      
FEBRUARY 48 30 8
MARCH 54 36 13
APRIL 63 46 14
MAY 70 54 14
JUNE 75 63 16
JULY 82 70 14
AUGUST 86 72 13
SEPTEMBER 79 66 17
OCTOBER 68 54 14
NOVEMBER 61 43 10
DECEMBER 52 34 7

    Japan's islands all have their own climate. Honshu has hot summers, mild winters in the south, and cold winters in the North. Honshu also has warm, sunny springs and falls. Hokkaido has cool summers and really cold winters Kyushu and Shikoku both have long blistering hot summers and only mild winters. Kuroshio and Oyashio, which are Pacific Ocean currents, both interfere wit Japans climate. Kuroshio is a warm dark blue current that flows Northward along the South and east coast. This current has a warming affect on the climate. Oyashio is a cold current that flows Southward that along the north coast of Honshu and along the east coast of Hokkaido. This current has a cooling affect on the climate.


    Japan also has a thing called monsoons that are seasonal winds. In the winter these monsoons bring cold air into the northern parts of Japan. Monsoons gather moisture as they cross over the sea and release heavy snows on the countries northwest coast. Monsoons blow from the southeast during the summer and carry warm moist air from the Pacific Ocean. Summer monsoons causes humid and hot weather in the southern and central parts in Japan.

    Japan has a lot of rain fall through out all the islands. All except eastern Hokkaido receives forty inches of rain fall each year. Mid June to early July and also in September and October are Japans two major rainy seasons. Each year Japan has several typhoons usually in late summer and early fall. Great damage to houses and crops is caused by heavy rains and violent winds. 




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